Chiropractic Testimonials

Stars"Dr. Pearl has really helped with my shoulder, neck and back pain. As a person who sits most of the day for work, he's been able to target his work for what I need. He also really helped me during a difficult ear infection. He approaches each visit with empathy and has a calm, refreshing, holistic view of health and wellness. I feel better when his visits are a part of my well-being routine and would recommend him to anyone looking for this type of care!" - MD

Stars"I saw Dr. Pearl because I injured my back during an exercise class. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was impressed how thorough he was from the very first visit. He took time to listen to me, and he went through a variety of diagnostic evaluations/procedures. He explained everything he was doing and by the end of the first visit I couldn't believe that I no longer felt the pain in my back. Since then, my health has improved with each visit and Dr. Pearl has taught me so much! For example, I never noticed that I didn't fully expand my lungs when I breathed, or that I held tightness in certain places, etc. In addition to treatment customized to address what my body needed on a particular day, Dr. Pearl gave me instructions for exercises I could do at home to improve. Over time, what began as a visit for an injury turned into an experience that dramatically improved my energy level and overall health. Dr. Pearl clearly has a passion for not only treating the whole person but for educating patients so they can maximize their potential for overall health and wellness. I learn something new every time! I am so grateful to Dr. Pearl!" - EF


"Our family has been going to Dr. Pearl for the last few years. It started with one family member suffering from chronic pain then all other family members coming in as part of our overall holistic well-being.  Dr.  Pearl has helped us navigate our way toward better health with a kind and generous approach.  He treats every family member with respect and has helped my children feel more empowered about their own health. They also look forward to the visits because they know they are in good hands."
- VC

Stars"My experience with Dr. Pearl and team has been excellent.  I feel like I have a true partner in my spinal health, who cares about me, and has fixed me up numerous times when I was in pain or discomfort.  I highly recommend him!" - PF

Stars"I grew up with Chiropractic medicine and I was very pleased to find Dr. Pearl.  His demeanor, knowledge and chiropractic skills are top notch.  I always feel that I benefit from an office visit.  I also like how the office is managed and run.  The combination of treatment both chiropractic and office related are terrific!" - CW

Stars"If improved quality of life is a goal of yours, you could not find a better health care practitioner to guide you." - JG

Stars"I can’t thank Dr. Pearl enough.  My son is on the Autism spectrum and not only has Dr. Pearl been working with him but he is genuinely interested in his development.  From guiding us to the correct direction, he goes well above and beyond in even talking to his developmental pediatrician to give him his perspective on my son.  The treatment of course has greatly helped my son; from 2 words to many words to looking people in the eye.  Thank you Dr. Pearl.  I don’t say it often, but I always think it!" - GA

Stars"Always ready to help.  Really makes a big difference even when I am very locked up.  Been seeing Dr. Pearl for more than 14 years!  That says something!" - WW

Stars"Dr. Pearl is the absolute best!  No other words are needed..." - SM

Stars"I have been seeing Dr. Pearl for 14+ years, starting when I was in middle school.  He has helped me gain movement in my body when my arthritis has been so severe that I could barely walk, and has helped alleviate nerve pain in my joints.  I could never imagine going anywhere else!" - NW

Stars"Dr. Pearl is the best!  A true healer that can help heal your back as well as speed along the common cold.  Make an appointment today!  Don’t wait!" - SK

Stars"I was in excruciating pain and after a thoughtful examination and diagnostics, Dr.  Pearl started the healing process. He is an incredibly kind, caring, and professional doctor.  Anyone would be lucky to find him and have him as a healing source." - ES


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